Thanks to the wide range of services, our clients shall receive
an expert solution for the transportation of their shipments.

Our company offers flexible, individualised
and prompt service in the following categories:

ADR Class 1

JL Freight Ltd may assist you in transporting munitions and explosives for civil and military purposes as well as hunting cartridges and ammunitions across Europe and Turkey.

We manage 40 (forty) certified EX III freight compositions and specially trained drivers for transporting all kinds of explosive materials and goods. We also run 50 (fifty) drivers with a German certificate for transporting explosives across Germany.

Carriage of Dangerous Goods (CDG)

We have over 20 year experience in transporting dangerous cargo, and all the needed equipment and specially trained, and qualified drivers and enough competence to transport explosives safely.

JL Freight Ltd transports across Europe and Turkey almost every class of dangerous goods, excluding Class 7, as it follows:

  • Class 1 – Explosives
  • Class 2 – Gases
  • Class 3 – Flammable liquid
  • Class 4.1. – Flammable solid
  • Class 4.2. – Spontaneously combustible substance
  • Class 4.3. – Substance which in contact with water emits flammable gas
  • Class 5.1. – Oxidising substance
  • Class 5.2. – Organic peroxide
  • Class 6.1. – Toxic substance
  • Class 6.2. – Infectious substance
  • Class 8 - Corrosive substance
  • Class 9 - Miscellaneous dangerous goods

Frigo Transport

JL Freight Ltd transports pharmaceutical goods by special one-temperature and two-temperature refrigerated vehicles.

JL Freight Ltd transports any goods that need special refrigerated transport (one temperature or two temperature refrigerated vehicles) for their shipment.


Goods on Hangers (GOH)

We have 30 (thirty) specially equipped high-volume vehicles for shipping garments on hangers. We offer both grouping loads and weekly grouping lines for transporting hanging clothing along the destinations we serve.

Partial Loads & Weekly Grouping Lines

JL Freight Ltd organizes grouping conveyance of conventional goods, temperature regime goods, hanging clothing and dangerous loads.

We manage our partner forwarding companies and our customers’ grouping loads and guarantee a Friday set off in the following routes:

  • -Sofia-Barcelona-Sofia;
  • -Barcelona-Athens-Thessaloniki;
  • -Sofia-Madrid-Sofia;
  • -Madrid-Athens-Thessaloniki;
  • -Sofia-Porto-Sofia;
  • -Sofia-Lion-Sofia;
  • -Sofia-Paris-Sofia;
  • -Sofia-Milano-Sofia;
  • -Sofia-London-Sofia;
  • -Sofia-Brussels-Sofia;
  • -Sofia-Rotterdam-Sofia;
  • -Sofia-(Germany)-Sofia;

High-volume Loads Transport

With the huge auto park we have consisting of own or rented high volume vehicles (115 cubic meters) we monthly serve the following major destinations: Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, England, Germany, Benelux, Greece and Turkey.


Having our long-term experience and expertise in working out the best logistic solutions we may save your time, efforts and money. Not only do we warehouse, load and ship your cargo, but we provide 24/7 tracking info about it.

  • Contract Logistics
  • Cross-docking
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Order Management
  • Picking & Dispatch
  • Packing & Labelling
  • Hanging garments
  • Warehousing
  • Reverse logistics
  • Cold storage facility

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Our Fleet

Refrigerator Vehicles

High-volume Vehicles

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Own Vehicles


Our car park consists of over 70 (seventy) new cargo vehicles which cover both Euro V and Euro VI standards. They are made under the newest technologies of leading producers such as Iveco, Renault and Mercedes. JL Freight IT Ltd constantly updates its fleet with the latest cargo vehicle models and it meets the highest requirements over goods road carriers and ecology regulations. JL Freight has ECMT / CEMT permits as well.

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