Track your cargo in realtime

Welcome to the Cargo Tracking system

We are happy to present you our completely new cargo tracking system. It’ll help you to track your vehicle/order in real time and perfectly plan your storage and unloading process.

To use the system you’ll need Vehicle Reg.No and password. Both will be given to you after you make an order and payment according our agreement.

How it works

  1. After you order you shipment you’ll receive Vehicle Reg.No and Password;
  2. Find the number in the table bellow and click on it;
  3. Fill your password and you can monitor your cargo in real time.

Need assistance

Call us: +359 2 988 21 71 or +359 888 802 669
Write us e-mail: office {at}

Choose vehicle Registration No

Registration numbers are sorted ascending (1,2, … 9,0)